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The powerful support for multi-project builds is one of Gradle's unique selling points. This topic is also the most intellectually challenging. A multi-project build in gradle consists of one root project, and one or more subprojects that may also have subprojects. While each subproject could configure itself in complete isolation of the other subprojects, it is common that subprojects share common traits.

It is then usually preferable to share configurations among projects, so the same configuration affects several subprojects. Let's start with a very simple multi-project build. Gradle is a general purpose build tool at its core, so the projects don't have to be Java projects. Our first examples are about marine life. Let's zoom into the configuration and execution phases of a multi-project build.

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Configuration here means executing the build. By default, the configuration of all projects happens before any task is executed. This means that when a single task, from a single project is requested, all projects of multi-project build are configured first. The reason every project needs to be configured is to support the flexibility of accessing and changing any part of the Gradle project model.

The Configuration injection feature and access to the complete project model are possible because every project is configured before the execution phase. Yet, this approach may not be the most efficient in a very large multi-project build. There are Gradle builds with a hierarchy of hundreds of subprojects.

Parallel Execution

The configuration time of huge multi-project builds may become noticeable. Scalability is an important requirement for Gradle.

Hence, starting from version 1. Configuration on demand mode attempts to configure only projects that are relevant for requested tasks, i. This way, the configuration time of a large multi-project build can be reduced. In the long term, this mode will become the default mode, possibly the only mode for Gradle build execution. The configuration on demand feature is incubating so not every build is guaranteed to work correctly. Eager to try out this new feature? Let's look at some examples with the following project tree.

This is a multi-project build with a root project named water and a subproject named bluewhale. And where is the build script for the bluewhale project? In Gradle build scripts are optional. Obviously for a single project build, a project without a build script doesn't make much sense.

For multiproject builds the situation is different. Let's look at the build script for the water project and execute it:. Gradle allows you to access any project of the multi-project build from any build script. The Project API provides a method called projectwhich takes a path as an argument and returns the Project object for this path.

The capability to configure a project build from any build script we call cross project configuration.On 6 July at am, Daz DeBoer [hidden email] wrote:.

Gradle Tutorial 2-How To Execute Selenium and TestNG Test Using Gradle Build

Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. Daniel Lacasse. Parallel Compilation of the Native Extension. I have been using the native extension for Gradle inside an actual project for a couple months. The biggest limitation I'm seeing is the inflexibility of the compile task when compared to other build tool in the industry.

The --parallel switch works great for concurrent execution of tasks. When it comes to the compile task, all files are compiled one after the other. As a comparison, my dev box is mostly idle while compiling with Gradle as oppose to a fairly important load when compiling Visual Studio.

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The main use case of this feature is the speed up of the compilation process for the native extension. To highlight how this feature is important, I will point out that some company where I previously worked at use system like Incredibuild to perform parallel distributed compilation. Even with such system, the compilation was still pretty time consuming. In it's present form, Gradle is not suitable in term of speed for those scenario.

I talked to a couple Gradleware engineers during Gradle Summit and some insane features are planed to address this problem. Unfortunately, a quicker solution is needed in order to speed up the adoption of Gradle as a native build tool.

I also want this feature to be in accordance to the long term Gradle road map.

gradle parallel number of threads

I would like to start the discussion for contributing this into Gradle. From my limiting knowledge of Gradle here are a couple open issues I have. I hope some brilliant minds from Gradleware can share there wisdom on where to move forward with this feature. Adam Murdoch.Remove deprecated --parallel-threads command line option and StartPar….

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Skip to content. Loading branch information. Benjamin Muschko committed May 25, Unified Split. Showing 11 changed files with 40 additions and deletions. StartParameter ; import org. Transformer ; import org. BasicFileResolver ; import org. LoggingConfiguration ; import org. AbstractCommandLineConverter ; import org.

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CachingTreeVisitorCleaner ; import org. DefaultFileCollectionSnapshotter ; import org. FileCollectionSnapshot ; import org.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

It utilises the Cucumber-JVM command line implementation and forwards every call to cucumber. The complete, and updated, instructions are availabe at the plugin portal. Cucumber must know where your steps are implemented. Add an extension to your gradle build script. This will search for steps in the package se. An important part of running Cucumber is to be able to partition the execution using different tags.

Cucumber supports multiple tags to be executed at the same time. Or negating a tag so everything else is executed.

Unfortunately, you can't stack tags. The solution is to put them into quotes like this:. Doing so will forward the expression not wip to the option -tags and finally to Cucumber.

The string will be divided into an array withas delimiter. Any whitespace aroundwill be removed.

gradle parallel number of threads

The se. Cucumber supports parallel execution if you specify the number of thread to use. This can be done in two ways. When setting the value in the build script, you can't really know how many threads the build will have access to. Hardcoding a fixed number may not be your best option. Cucumber support setting properties for junit from the command line.

The option --junit is not supported. If you have an example where you think you need it, please share the example nd the desired outcome. Maybe there should be support for --junit. If that is the case, it is possible that it will be implemented.

This will call Cucumber with the argument --help. Unfortunately, Gradle requires that each command line option is followed by a value. It is please above. However, it could be anything.

The printout is verbose, search for Cucumber command to find the actual command executed. In order for Cucumber to have all test resources available, the cucumber task depends on the java plugin task check. This means that your unit tests will be executed before Cucumber is executed. The Java plugin lifecycle is described in the Java plugin documentation. Development is described in development. Skip to content.Cucumber-JVM allows parallel execution across multiple threads since version 4.

There are several options to incorporate this built-in feature in a Cucumber project. You can do so using:. For each of these options, this tutorial will look at the project setup, configuration settings and execution commands.

Cucumber can be executed in parallel using JUnit and Maven test execution plugins. In JUnit the feature files are run in parallel rather than scenarioswhich means all the scenarios in a feature file will be executed by the same thread. You can use either Maven Surefire or Failsafe plugin to execute the runners. To set the thread count to a specific number instead of useUnlimitedThreads use the below setting.

The thread count in the above setting is 4 threads per core. If you want this to be 4 threads across all cores set the perCoreThreadCount to false. In case of multiple runners one can also set the parallel option to classesAndMethods or classes in addition to methods.

Cucumber can be executed in parallel using TestNG and Maven test execution plugins by setting the dataprovider parallel option to true.

In TestNG the scenarios and rows in a scenario outline are executed in multiple threads. One can use either Maven Surefire or Failsafe plugin for executing the runners. Add the two feature files scenarios. The default thread count of the dataprovider in parallel mode is To change this the dataproviderthreadcount property needs to be added to the configuration section of the Surefire or Failsafe plugin in the POM.

gradle parallel number of threads

If you have multiple runnersset the parallel configuration to classes to reduce execution times. In addition the threadCount can be set to to the desired value or useUnlimitedThreads can be set to true.

The Main class in the io. You can run this class directly from the command line; in that case, there is no need to create any runner class. The usage options for this class are mentioned here. The --threads option needs to be set to a value greater than 1 to run in parallel. When the parallel mode is used, the scenarios and rows in a scenario outline will be run in multiple threads.

Open up a terminal window and navigate to the source folder of the project, in this case parallel. For a visual representation of threads, add the timeline report using the plugin option of CucumberOptions annotation on a JUnit or TestNG runner. You can help us improve this documentation.

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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. If I have a quad-core CPU and each core is running 8 threads, how can I optimize the build so it will use every resource it could get parallel of course?

Here you can find more information about it. Link to the doc.

gradle parallel number of threads

According to Gradle Build Environment Documentation :. By default org. Since my Android Studio was freezing my Ubuntu workstation sometimes forcing me to hard reset the computerI have set it to 4ensuring my workstation will not starve on CPU and memory.

Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 1 month ago. Active 8 months ago. Viewed 12k times. Thank you! Active Oldest Votes. Blackbelt Blackbelt k 25 25 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Stumbled across this looking for the opposite, ie. I've found that gradle using a couple less than the total is good.

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Feedback post: New moderator reinstatement and appeal process revisions. The new moderator agreement is now live for moderators to accept across the…. Allow bountied questions to be closed by regular users. Linked Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.Although it may well be in the documentation somewhere, I have been unable to find how to control dynamically the maximum number of threads available for autoparallel code.

Parallel Compilation of the Native Extension

You should have 'USE omplib' in the calling subroutine to get the calling interface set up correctly. I had assumed that would be the case. However, there must be some additional subtlety I have overlooked. DLL it is in, or something else? So far the following combinations have failed to affect the number of worker threads running in a daughter thread in a Windows application Fortran, although with a C try-catch construct within the thread :.

Call from the main process thread in the executable prior to the daughter thread being started. Call from daughter thread whilst in main. The only strategy that currently works is using the Environment Variable prior to starting the. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. Register Help. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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TimP Black Belt. Quote:TimP Intel wrote:. So far the following combinations have failed to affect the number of worker threads running in a daughter thread in a Windows application Fortran, although with a C try-catch construct within the thread : 1. Call from daughter thread whilst in a DLL 3.